How to Change Your Name on Your Passport
There may come a time when you may need to change your legal name from the one in your passport. Among the many reasons that might make one to do so is marriage but there are other reasons that may make one change his or her legal name which applies also to the passport. It is not a very complicated task to change the name on a passport when using a passport service. Regardless of how the name is changed, there are some factors that do not change whether you are changing the passport or any other legal document. Click this company  to get more info. One if the most important things that you will be required to do is producing an original legal document that will be used to prove that the name was really changed and to also check on the date for that transaction.

You can either submit a certified or original marriage certificate or any legal court document that will explain the change as it is. Most people do not prefer forwarding their original documents with the fear that they might be misplaced or lost. For that reason, using certified copies becomes more secure and comforting. You can get certified copies at a low cost for the constituents who get a legal name change or a marriage certificate. During the passport name change, you will also be required to send form DS5504 to the passport service provider or to the department of state. The DS5504 is a form that one fills when he or she already has a passport but needs some information on it to be edited. You can get and download such a form from the internet.

Before you mail the form, you should make sure that you have filled it thoroughly. Since that would mean that you are starting the process of applying for a passport afresh, you will then be required to submit photos as you are applying. You should have a professional service provider to help you in making sure that you have followed all the passport photo rules. While applying, you must submit two similar photos for the process to be completed. Find out more about Passport.  You should also ensure that you mail the application and the old photos through a mail service company that can be able to trace packages whenever necessary. Through this the passport agency or the passport holder will be able to trace the package in case there arises the need for that. Learn more from https://www.britannica.com/topic/passport.

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