Learn About Passports
A passport is an official traveling document issued to a citizen by the government in which they reside which certifies or proves the citizen's identity and their citizenship entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries. It is usually a small booklet consisting of the citizens' personal information, for example, their signatures, names, date of birth and sex. Click this website  to get more info. A passport also has a photograph of the citizen, a passport number and the date of expiry of that passport.
There are various types of passports namely: official or service passport, diplomatic passport, emergency passport, collective and family passport. An official passport is one which is issued to government employees of a country for work-related travel. A diplomatic passport is issued to diplomats representing their home country abroad. An emergency passport is issued to a citizen in case their passport is stolen or lost. Collective passports are issued to define people or citizens traveling in groups like a group of school children going on a trip.

A family passport, on the other hand, is issued to the entire family and usually has one placeholder. In the case of a family passport, however, the official passport bearer must also travel for the other family members to use the passport. Family passports are found in few countries nowadays since most countries stopped issuing them. Parents are therefore advised to ensure that their children have their own passports as well.

 The key benefit of passports is that they have various security features that help prevent fraud and counterfeiting. These features include holograms, the electronic chip, optically variable ink and patterns that cannot been scanned. Holograms light up under ultraviolet rays while an electronic chip contains the bearers' information.Optically variable ink on the other hand changes color under different light sources. The passport printing companies ensure that each page of the passport is built with various security features. All these measures have been put in place to ensure the security of the citizens' passport and to curb cases of forging.

Each country has its own process of passport application. A citizen may either apply at a government office or online through websites created for purposes of government services. To apply for a passport, one must fill in an application form and provide proof of his or her identity. An application fee should also be paid. The number of days' applicants wait before they can receive a passport depends in the country of residence. In order to get a passport quickly, a rush fee is paid. Click to learn more about Passports. Every passport bearer has a unique passport number. A passport application can be declined in case one provides invalid information, has been charged with a crime or in a situation where the applicant is not a citizen of the given country. An applicant should, therefore, be very careful to follow the instructions given and provide accurate information while applying for a passport to avoid being declined. Learn more from